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What is Wheat Straw bioplastic? 2/5 (1) Nov 11, 2018

Here at myecohomeliving, we want to provide the best eco friendly products for your home to help you keep a healthy planet. Being eco friendly sometimes feels complicated which stops you from making simple planet concious decisions, like using a reusable coffee cup. Did you know a paper takeaway coffee cup from the cafe is not biodegradable? 

Its our mission to make your everyday living as eco friendly as possible without the complications and needing to think hard about whether or not what you are doing is planet friendly. 

All our products have been hand chosen and are either organic in nature, reusable to combat waste or ways of saving money and resource.  And that’s another thing, being eco friendly is not expensive, in fact you can save money. That’s right, you can save money by being eco friendly and do you bit for the planet. 

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